Breakdown Voltage (BDV) in transformer oil

BDV stands for Breakdown Voltage. It is also called as dielectric strength value. It is the dielectric strength of transformer oil.¬†This can¬†indicates the presence of contaminants. If the value of BDV is higher then it indicates that the presence of contaminants is lower. The minimum value of breakdown voltage is 30 kV-40 kV. It depends […]

Water Content in Transformer Oil

Transformer oil is used for the cooling and insulating purpose in the transformer. The windings of the transformer are insulated with cellulose and surrounded by oil for the proper insulation and cooling. To make the insulation proper it must be dry. If there will be moisture in the transformer or in the transformer oil it […]

Furan Analysis and of testing of transformer oil

Furan test is used to determine the life of a transformer and condition of transformer oil in transformer oil. By the Furan analysis, we check the condition of paper in transformer oil. Furan measures the degradation of cellulose paper. The degradation materials produce CO and CO2 gases. When the paper of the degree of polymerization […]

Testing and Analysis of Transformer Oil

We cannot imagine our life without electricity. It is an important part of our daily life. We use many electrical appliances in our daily life, but these appliances have no values if there is no electric current available inside. Electric current is available in the open source, but we cannot use the direct current from […]

Sludge Test for Transformer Oil

What is Sludge in Transformer Oil? Sludge is a precipitate or mixture of impurities and acid in transformer oil. The impurities are in the form of semi-solid in a transformer oil. Sludge formation in the transformer is due to the oxidation reaction, damage of sludge insulation, ¬†decomposition if oil and insulation in transformer oil. Increasing […]

Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) of Transformer

DGA is the study of dissolved gases. Transformer oil is used to stop the direct contact of oxygen, with cellulose made paper insulation of windings, which is susceptible to oxidation. Some gases are generated in the transformer due to the breakdown of electrical insulating materials inside the transformer. Dissolved Gas Analysis can detect the concentration […]

Flash Point Test of Transformer Oil

Flash Point: At which temperature an organic compound grow out of its maximum vapor to ignite in the air is called flash point. What is Flash Point of transformer oil? At which minimum temperature the transformer oil gives of vapor to ignite in the air is called the flash point of transformer oil. Commonly the […]

Transformer Oil Composition

Transformer Oil Composition Transformer oil is used to insulate the electrical power of a transformer and used to stop the direct contact of oxygen in the transformer. The transformer oil is a combination of mineral oils. It is of two types: Paraffin-based transformer oil and Naphtha-based transformer oil. 1)Paraffin-based Transformer Oil: Paraffin: Paraffin is a […]

Filtration and Dehydration of Transformer Oil

What is dehydration of Transformer oil? In which process the moisture can remove from the transformer oil is called as dehydration of transformer oil. In this process, we can eliminate the solid particles, dissolved gases, dissolved water and dried up the moisture and sludge from the transformer oil. Dehydration method is also used to maintain […]

Pour point test of Transformer Oil

It is the base temperature at which oil begins to stream under standard test condition. Pour purpose of transformer oil is an important property chiefly at the spots where the atmosphere is cold. In the event that the oil temperature falls beneath the pour point, transformer oil stops convection streaming and hinder cooling in a […]