Top 3 Method To Test Transformer Oil

Transformer oil  is a form of insulating and cooling oil to use in transformer and other electrical equipment. This oil that maintains stable at high temperature and has great specialized properties. So, it is mainly used in an oil filled transformer to the electrical and automotive industry.
They worked on industry to transmit power one circuit to another circuit through the cycle. Transformer oil testing consists of mainly measuring breakdown voltage and physical or chemical properties.
It is generally obtained by oil fractional purification and successive treatment of crude petroleum. For this reason transformer oil  testing is so important referred as transformer oil or insulating oil.
Basically transformer oil has three methods to deeply testing. It is describe that:
1. Oil type test
2. Routine test
3. Special test

1. Oil type test:

Conformance testing is also known as type testing. This testing method in which test whether a complete process, product, services comply with the requirements and specification, oil technical standard, contract with a rule and regulating according to an industry.
“To improve Transformer oil testing that meet customer’s specification and design expectation through different testing procedure”.Some transformer test is carry out:

  1. Dielectric stress test of transformer oil
  2. The measure of current and no load loss
  3. Transformer oil ratio testing
  4. Temperature rise test
  5. Insulation resistance test
  6. Viscosity testing
  7. Short circuit impedance
  8. Winding resistance testing
  9. Vacuum test
  10. Tap changer testing

Those ten parameters test according to oil type test. These all parameters testing is done than easily use transformer oil in industry and improve performance.

2. Routine test of transformer oil:

This test of transformer oil is so important. Because it can be define as mainly confirming the operational performance of the individual unit in a starting of production.
Since, transformer oil manufacturing that use every unit is carry out in routine testing. This types of testing in which two component mainly test before starting the working: winding resistance and insulation resistance etc. Routine test of transformer oil include :

  • Can open circuit test
  • Measurement of impedance voltage
  • Test on ON load
  • Vector group test
  • Testing specific resistance
  • Measure winding resistance
  • Transformer ratio testing
  • Oil leakage testing
  • Dielectric test
  • Oil pressure testing

 3. Special testing of transformer oil:

This types of testing mainly used under the physical and chemical industry. It is define as this testing a high specific gravity to indicate the oil ability or suspend water.
While, it is used extremely cold climates, specific gravity, physical and chemical reaction. The ways to use whether ice filling under transformer oil. Hence, the special test measures the electrical insulating properties of a condition.
Therefore, a special test of the transformer is done according to customer requirement. It obtained useful information during operation to the maintenance of the transformer. Some parameter is include it:

  • Component testing, accessories testing such as a relay, temperature indicators, pressure device, oil prevent system etc.
  • Testing of the noise level
  • The measure of zero sequence impedance
  • Test three phase transformer
  • Short circuit or open circuit testing
  • Measurements of power level taken by due to a lamp, fan etc
  • Testing harmonic current or no-load current
  • Due to, dielectric strength testing

These overall parameters are test under the special testing of transformer oil.

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