Practice and Testing of Transformer Oil

Transformer oil – the lifeline of equipments Transformer oil is a mineral insulating oil. It serves as liquid insulation in electrical equipment and also dissipates heat of such equipment.  All winding and core fully immerse in the oil inside the equipment.  The Transformer oil also prevents direct contact of atmospheric oxygen to avoid any type of oxidation. […]

Sampling Procedure for Transformer Oil in Drum/Barrel For Testing

In this article, you will learn about the sampling procedure for transformer oil & insulating oil in their delivery containers as well as insulating oil in service in transformers and switchgear. Physical contaminants like solid particles and water do not disperse uniformly through the liquid being sampled. Hence it is necessary to draw samples from […]

Transformer oil: Causes of Overheating

Transformer oil to Loosening of used anywhere conductors is caused by transformer overheating vibrations which produce heat is called overheating. This heat damage the insulating paper and the mineral oil used, because transformer oil is made of the combination of mineral oil or insulating oil. Transformer overheating mostly produced in liquid insulation oil. It is […]

Top 3 Method To Test Transformer Oil

Transformer oil  is a form of insulating and cooling oil to use in transformer and other electrical equipment. This oil that maintains stable at high temperature and has great specialized properties. So, it is mainly used in an oil filled transformer to the electrical and automotive industry. They worked on industry to transmit power one circuit […]

Market demand of transformer oil {In 2018}

The market demand of transformer oil is increase day by day base on customer requirement. The oil is subject to the demands of various industries such as electrical, chemical, physical and automotive types etc. This oil is prepare with the combination of petroleum and hydrocarbon mineral oil. While it is used in circuit breaker, switch-gear, […]

Easy Method To Test Transformer Oil

 Transformer oil are mainly used in electrical industry to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another. Oil surrounding the coils in a power transformer provide cooling, insulation and protection against corona and arcing. Transformer Oil is failure results in production loss, unavailability of critical services and loss of revenue. Hence testing of oil can minimize these […]

5 Things That Effects Of Using The Defective Transformer Oil

Transformer oil is the product of hydrocarbon.It consist Of four major generic classes of organic compound such as napthanic, Paraffin and aromatic.Do you know Transformer oil is the main component of proper running and functioning of transformer.High thermal conductivity,Low water content to keep its dielectric strength,stable at high temperature and has excellent electrical insulating properties,High […]

Transformer oil types and Applications

Here we are writing an article to make aware our readers about transformer oil types and applications.Basically, transformer oil is also known as insulating oil is that oil which remains stable at high temperature. It has especially high electrical insulating properties and used in the oil filled transformer.It is liquid insulation in electrical power transformer […]

Transformer Oil Analysis

Here we are focusing on the transformer oil analysis before moving further we must know what transformer oil is? Transformer oil or insulating oil is oil that remains durable at high temperature. It has extremely good electrical insulating traits and it is widely used in oil filled transformer. It performs two major tasks, it is liquid […]

Why Transformer Oil Testing Is so Important?

Introduction Here we are discussing why transformer oil is very essential in our day to day life activities. Transformer oil or insulating oil is oil that maintains stable at high temperature and has great specialized electrical insulating properties. It is widely used in oil filled transformers. Transformers are widely used by the electrical corporation. They transmit […]