Transformer oil: Causes of Overheating

Transformer oil to Loosening of used anywhere conductors is caused by transformer overheating vibrations which produce heat is called overheating. This heat damage the insulating paper and the mineral oil used, because transformer oil is made of the combination of mineral oil or insulating oil.
Transformer overheating mostly produced in liquid insulation oil. It is a different problem to slightly in transformers. A DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) after the test will indicate high thermal gases to generate. Methane, Ethane, and Ethylene these gases to produced by overheating of the liquid oil. These gases are formed from a breakdown voltage of the liquid oil caused by heat.
Transformer overheating to overcome than an important part of the testing of oil. After testing than transformer oil become aggressive and solid insulation is the expanding services life.

Main Causes Of Transformer Oil Overheating

  1. Insulation overheating
  2. Insulation Liquid overheating
  3. Corona overheating
  4. Arcing overheating
  5. Screen Testing overheating

1. Insulation overheating:

Therefore, insulation overheating are produce in paper insulation which is use to insulation transformer winding and cellulose paper product. It is the transformer overload any reason, the transformer winding will more generate heat and cellulose insulation. The insulation overheating method mainly measures as transformer oil testing method.
Testing transformer oil after showing result high carbon monoxide, high carbon dioxide and generate methane or ethylene. The transformer overloaded long time period than transformer condition deteriorating and short cellulose paper. The cellulose insulation is breaking down than produced arcing and transformer took out of services.

2. Insulation liquid overheating:

The insulation liquid overheating is a slightly different problem to create on transformer and transformer oil testing method. So, after testing are produce the transformer high thermal gases like as methane, ethane, and ethylene etc these all result are showing than transformer overheating the liquid.
These gases are breakdown than transformer are produce heat. These heating may be cause by poor contacts and loose connection and bushing grounding stupor circulating currents.

3. Corona overheating:

Corona is produce and consider to be partial and transformer discharge and occur area of high electrical stress, such as sharp point along the transformer for electrical path. The transformer oil after testing being partial discharge is commonly explain intermittent.

4. Arcing overheating:

Therefore, arcing are produce In transformer to indicate break down the insulation. The arcing are the most severe condition in a transformer oil testing. The normally arcing occurs after the testing transformer oil after other problems. Since, high energy require to produce arc will cause the transformer to be elevate arc occurs the area like as cellulose paper insulation, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide to be elevate.
The transformer or transformer oil in which arcing generated many areas of like as insulation breakdown and transformer coil or cellulose paper in transformer oil etc will result in arching. The transformer oil after testing contains no longer stress or electrical conductor to a used electrical component.
Thees transformer act as real life to a produced current which winding shorts turn to turn, phase to phase, phase to the ground than arc will occur to the transformer will result fail. The cause of transformer oil arcing loose connection but the greater significance and produced arcing due to insulation breakdown.

5. Screen testing overheating:

The Screen testing of transformer oil than overheating are produce in the collection of physical, electrical and chemical transformer oil testing method. These screen testing overheating in transformer oil to include like as electrical breakdown, power factor, inter facial tension, acidity, and insulation color. 
While large quantity of transformer oil needed for these test. So, produce insulation liquid for services to gather the transformer oil sample, a transformer oil clean, transformer oil moisture or container must be use.

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