5 Things That Effects Of Using The Defective Transformer Oil

Transformer oil is the product of hydrocarbon.It consist Of four major generic classes of organic compound such as napthanic, Paraffin and aromatic.Do you know Transformer oil is the main component of proper running and functioning of transformer.High thermal conductivity,Low water content to keep its dielectric strength,stable at high temperature and has excellent electrical insulating properties,High specific speed etc,all these things are required before manufacturing the oil.

Types of effect in transformer oil:

Therefore is basically two types of failure used in Transformer oil like as internal or external failure.it is describe given as:

1:Internal effect of the transformer oil:

It is defined as internal failure due to in core and coil of electrical transformer

  • Therefore dielectric interruption of internal components
  • First of all Count number of turn and twist of the primary and secondary winding
  • Mistake on the grounding levels to start work
  • Open and close connection of component changer.
  • Therefore insulating oil and material used

2:External defects of the transformer:

It is defined as external defect due to the in the tank and external parts of transformer.

  • Due to oil leaks in the gas-kit, air valve, or weld cord surface.
  • Due to the bushings of the deep surface, over the pressure valve, thermometers and oil level gauge, etc.
  • Defects on the cooling fans, electrical circuit used Relay and exit of the current transformers of the bushings, etc.

 Effects Of Using The Defective Transformer Oil

To track the transformer oil cause and effects is to use the  defective oil .The origin of the defects is simple,due to more effective of the environment. Generally, it is combination of many factors like as insulation paper,rubber material and dissolved water that can be classified in the following way:
1.Imperfection on the specifications of transformer oil :
when we used to defective transformer oil than these oil more harmful and imperfect of environment. Defective transformer oil to used than create more problems to given as:
a.Another mistake in selection of the type of insulation and material.
b.Not appropriate capacity of your vehicles and transformer.
c.Lack of conditions in the place of installation like as deepness, temperature, and dangerous gases etc.

2.Defects on the facilities:

Which used to defective transformer oil than receive not proper facility.
a.While wrong installation of your material
b.Wrong capacity and not proper protection range of lightning rods
c.Electrical switches and relay for protection is not properly and show wrong function.

3. Deformality on the operation and maintenance of the equipment:

a. Either external conducting parts loose and heating up of the transformer oil.
b. The deterioration is more of the insulating oil.
c. External load or mistakes in the proper connection of the cables and electrical circuit.
d. Another mistake in the operation, and carelessness of your vehicles in the parts arrangement not proper.
e. The protection circuits is very low.
f. Due to insufficient inspection of the gas kits and air valves of your vehicles.
g. Poor maintenance of the accessories parts and Abnormal voltage circuit.

4. Normal wear and tear of transformer oil :

Same oil is subjected to the combination of impurities of various composition.This is caused by normal  wear and tear of moving parts of the equipment, likes oxidation of insulating liquid and chemical reaction inside the transformer.

 5. Natural disasters of transformer oil:

The natural disasters such as a flood, earthquake or hurricane that causes great  damage or loss of transformer life.

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