Top 5 Arrangements To Maintenance Transformer Oil

Transformer oil mainly used in electrical industry. It has worked  properly than needs to maintain regular services in oil composition, but it has less maintenance time than decrease your oil cost and other hands increase your damage risk. This cause is produced transformer losses in oil.Therefore it is better to go for proper maintenance.  These oil has a use up to 30 years of life after this time period it can not work properly. So maintenance is essential of transformer oil,  its affect that oil works properly with long period of time. There is the list of five effective maintenance techniques which should be carried out. These are:

Maintenance techniques of transformer oil:

1.Filtration of transformer oil:

Firstly every machine needs to maintenance in a protective way than it does filtration. It has been operating many years after the filtration of oil .It have an pump seals, fibre optics etc.These equipment’s needs to check and maintain on the regular basis.

  • Every month to check the oil level under silica gel breath. It defines the transformer oil inside the cup comes below and high specified level.
  • Silica gel breather should also be checked periodically and cleaned also.
  • If it has been filling in bushing to attached oil gauge.It is checked that this is properly action maintain or not.

2.Overhauling of transformer oil:

The basic meaning of overhauling it is maintenance carefully of oil and needed repairs regularly. In this process of transformer oil need cleaning services, repairing and replacements. The main maintenance parts of transformer include core and coils.

3.Transformer oil testing:

It is mainly used in electrical industry to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another. Transformer oil surrounding the coils in a power transformer provide cooling, insulation and protection against corona and arcing.. This mineral oil is “some failure results occurring in production loss, unavailability of critical services and loss of revenue”. After testing can minimize these loss and decrease time. Generally, reason of failure results include some external factors such as lighting strikes, system overload, short circuit, and internal factors such as deterioration, transformer winding,system overheating,moisture and solid oxygen etc. These internal and external factors to improve to test is important of transformer oil.
To evaluate the quality of the mineral oil testing, three steps are important to be carried out:

  1. Dielectric breakdown voltage
  2. Moisture content
  3. Power factor 

4.Oil quality:

While the transformer oil will effect insulation and cooling properties after the oil quality. Under the operating condition of produced minimum breakdown voltage of the oil quality.

  1. Dielectric breakdown: The dielectric breakdown voltage is a calculation of electric force that the insulating oil can confront without collapse. It is calculate by applying a voltage between two electrodes under prescribe quality of the oil. The dielectric test fixes the voltage at which the oil crack, which is symbolic of a number of impurities in the oil.
  2. Neutralization/Acid Number: This test will measure the level of sludge causing acid present in the oil.
  3. Interfacial tension: It identifies the presence of polar compounds. These would indicate oxidation contaminates or deterioration from the transformer materials. i.e. paint, varnish, paper.
  4. Color: The colorof the oil indicates quality, aging and the presence of contaminants. Transformer oil color is determine meaning of transmitted light and give a numerical value based on series color stranded.These colors are perform arcing is take place of the oil.
  5. Water content:It is determine the amount of water present in the oil in parts per million. The quantity of water in your oil will decrease the dielectric strength.

5.Maintenance of voltage in transformer:

Therefore construction wise a voltage in transformer and a capacitor voltage are same. Hence basis scheme of maintenance of both voltage transformer and capacitor voltage transformer are more or less same. Because capacitor is storage of the charge. As heavy current does not flow through PT (potential transformer) and CVT (capacitor voltage transformer), the defect and fault generally very low.

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