Transformer oil filtration machine

Here we are defining what is transformer oil filtration machine? And why it is so helpful in daily needs of common working people? The transformer is one of the most important and valuable units of the power system. Even though the collapsing of a transformer is small, when failures occur, they escort to high repair costs, long spare time and perhaps safety risks.
In addition to this transformer are too costly to restore regularly and should be wisely maintained to enlarge their performance lifetime. In order to get high performance and long functionality life of transformer, it is aspired to conduct various maintenance activities. Purification of transformer oil is one of these maintenance activities since transformer’s oil widely depends on insulating oil i.e. transformer oil.
To decontaminate transformer oil, high vacuum transformer oil filtration machine is used. It consists of inlet pump, filters, heaters, an ionic reaction column, degassing and removal of water from the chamber, discharge pump, vacuum pumps etc. In this article, we will study about the transformer oil filtration machine and how it works to purify the impurities involved in transformer oil.

Insulating oil

Primarily, two kinds of basic insulation materials are widely used in the transformer, including the liquid insulation material such as insulating oil i.e. transformer oil and solid insulation material such as insulation paper. The widespread use of dielectric liquids for insulation and cooling is due to their outstanding electrical breakdown strength and thermal conductivity than a gaseous insulator, while their ability to conform to difficult geometries and self-help means that they are often of more particle uses than a solid insulator.
Transformer oil is highly refined mineral oil that remains stable at high temperature and has outstanding electrical insulating properties. It is normally obtained by fractional distillation and succeeding treatment of crude petroleum that is why this oil is also known as mineral insulating oil. Transformer oil provides part of the electrical insulation between internal parts in the transformer. It also cools the transformer that it serves as a coolant.
Causes of contamination of transformer oil are electrical disturbances and thermal decomposition. Various impurities like moisture, grease, dissolved gases etc. All the impurities present in the transformer oil reduces the breakdown strength of transformer oil, promotes heating, increases the electrical conductivity and decreases the electrical and mechanical strength of insulation system. The contaminants also reduce the transformer efficiency.
The failure of liquid insulation can cause huge damage not only to the power equipment, but also the surrounding environment. Furthermore, failure may often lead to major operational loss and financial loss. Purification of the transformer oil by high vacuum transformer oil filtration machine removes all these contaminants from transformer oil.

High vacuum transformer oil filtration machine

Transformer oil when untreated will normally consist of 50 to 60ppm (parts per million) of water and also 10-12% of air by volume at saturation. In order to bring the oil in required standards, it has to be filtered to remove moisture, dissolved gases, ferrous and non-ferrous suspended particles so as to achieve the required properties of transformer oil. The high vacuum transformer oil filtration machine treats the transformer oil and switchgear oil by first heating it and then passing it through a specially designed filter and then subjecting it to high vacuum treatment which dehydrates and detoxifies the oil to the standard specifications after completion of the process.
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