Adreol Hydrol HLP

Adreol Hydrol HLP oils are high performance hydraulic oils. These oils provide superior antiwear protection, excellent oxidation and thermal stability, outstanding hydraulic stability and good demulsibility. Hydrol HLP oils also possess superior filterability characteristics. These oils provide problem free service and have been found to be far superior in performance compared to other commercially available anti-wear, heavy duty hydraulic oils.

Performance Benefits

1.  ensure long service life due to outstanding oxidation and thermal stability.
2.  provide sludge fee high temperature performance.
3.  provide excellent filterability characteristics.
4.  readily separate from water because of excellent demulsibility characteristics.
5. provide superior long term protection against rust and corrosion.
6.  Ensure overall problem free performance.


Hydrol HLP oils are recommended as a fluid media in hydraulic systems, operating under extremely severe conditions. These oils are recommended for sophisticated high performance electro-hydraulic or numerically controlled systems. Hydrol HLP oils are also recommended for lubrication of screw compressors requiring oil of excellent thermal stability and low CCR value. These oils are not suitable where the components are of silver or silver coated.

Performance Standards

1.  DIN 51524 Part 2
2.  IS : 11656-1986 (Reaffirmed 1991)
3.  IS:10522-1983(Reaffirmed 1993)