adreol-460x201Adreol EP 90 Gear Oil Adreol EP 90 Gear oils are extreme pressure type industrial gear lubricants. These oils demonstraten improved thermal stability and oxidation resistance over conventional lead-naphthenate oils. They have good demulsibility characteristics, low foaming tendency and provide rust and corrosion protection to metal surfaces.

Performance Benefits

1.  Have reduced tendency to foam
2.  Provide high load carrying ability
3.  Ensure excellent wear protection
4.  Ensure long service life since they have good oxidation and thermal stability
5.  Minimise the formation of sludge and deposits, even at high bulk oil temperatures
6.  Ensure ready separation from water due to good demulsibility property
7.  Protect metals against rust and corrosion


Hydrol EP 90 Gear oils are recommended for all types of enclosed gear drives with circulation or splash lubrication systems. These oils are particularly recommended for gear sets working under heavy or shock load conditions. These oils can be used in systems involving gears, plain bearings, roller bearings and sliding surfaces. They are also suitable for chain drives, sprockets, flexible couplings, plain and rolling element bearings employing splash.

Performance Standards

1.  AGMA standard 250.04
2. ASLE standard G-315, G-1000, G-1500 and G-2150 IS: 8406 – 1993