Transmission Fluid A type

Adreol Force 10  is formulated to meet the General Motor’s automatic transmission fluid Type A  specification. This fluid imparts anti-oxidation, anti-wear, dispersancy, defoaming and desired friction characteristics. Due to its high viscosity index and low pour point it assures quiet and smooth operation of hydraulic equipment under all climatic conditions. It is a fluid with low co-efficient of friction thus permitting clutch plates to engage slowly and gradually as the transmission shifts. The fluid is compatible with seal materials, generally used in transmission systems.

Performance Benefits

1.   Provides smooth, chatter-free clutch engagement and keeps automatic transmissions operating smoothly
2.   Ensures long trouble free life of gears, bearings and other lubricated parts
3.   Minimizes formation of sludge and varnish, thus maintains the system clean
4.   Protects parts against rusting even during idle period.


Force 10  is recommended for automatic transmissions and power steering units of automobiles and light trucks, where the manufacturer specifies Type A Suffix A fluid. It is also recommended for synchromesh gear boxes.