Adreol Fleet Ultra Grade 20W 40, 20W50

Adreol Fleet Ultra oils are heavy duty diesel engine oils, and are blended from highly refined, high viscosity index base stocks and contain appropriate dosages of detergent-dispersant and antioxidant additives to meet the stated  performance standards.

Performance Benefits

1.  Effectively combat the deleterious products of combustion associated with high sulphur fuels.
2.  Maintain excellent engine cleanliness.
3.  Minimise deposits resulting from high output, low speed, low temperature operations.
4.  Provide excellent control of cold sludge and corrosive wear.
5.  Possess excellent oxidation stability ensuring long service life.


1.   Heavy duty diesel vehicles / Tractors
2.  Earth moving / Off-highway equipment
3.  Transmission systems of Caterpillar equipment
4.   Large generating sets

Performance Standards

1.   API CD
2.  US MIL-L-45199B
3.   E-DL 2 of  IS:13656-1993 specifications