Adreol Fleet Turbo Grade 15W40

Adreol Fleet Turbo CF-4 15W-40 is a premium quality, commercial multipurpose diesel engine oil. The oil is designed for the most severe performance requirements of modern, highly rated turbo charged diesel engines applications and also off highway operations. It assures outstanding protection against high temperature engine deposits, oil degradation, oil thickening and corrosion resistance. The oil is having excellent shear stability to maintain viscosity under severe, high temperature operations.

Performance Benefits

1.   Reduced engine scuffing and bore polishing.
2.   High engine cleanliness.
3.   Maximum protection from wear and deposits.
4.   Suitable for mixed fleet operation.
5.   Improved control of oil consumption.
6.   Easier cold starting.
7.   Excellent all weather performance due to improved cold weather properties.
8.   Catalytic Converter compatible.


1.   Modern passenger cars
2.  Naturally aspirated diesel engines operating under severe conditions.
3.  Supercharged diesel engines
4.   Vehicles encountering continuous start-stop operation.

Performance Standards

1.   API SC/CC
2.   US MIL-L-2104B
3.   E-PL 1/E-DL 1 of IS:13656-1993