Adreol Fleet Rite Grade 20W 50

Fleet Rite Multigrade Oils are blended from  highly refined base stocks and balanced additive package containing shear stable VI improver, metallic detergent dispersant and anti-oxidant. These oils are formulated to meet lubrication requirements of both gasoline and diesel engines. Fleet Plus Multigrade Oils are red in colour and suitable for all seasons.


Performance Benefits

1.   Enable easy low temperature starting
2.  Minimise fuel and oil consumption
3.  Give longer battery life
4.  Provide maximum protection to engine parts against rust and corrosion
5.  Give good high and low temperature performance in the engine
6.  Minimise wear of engine parts

Performance Standards

1.   API SC/CC
2.  US MIL-L-2104B
3.  E-PL 1/E-DL 1 of IS:13656-1993


1.   Modern passenger cars
2.  Naturally aspirated diesel engines operating under severe conditions.
3.  Supercharged diesel engines
4.  Vehicles encountering continuous start-stop operation.