Adreol Fleet Plus

adreol-460x201Adreol Fleet Plus- Multi Grade 20W40

Adreol Fleet Plus  20W-40 is high performance diesel engine oil, which provides excellent protection against corrosive wear in all types of diesel engines. This oil is suitable for all seasons and retains high level of alkalinity during use.

Performance Benefits

1.   Improved cold starting and faster engine warm up.
2.   Outstanding engine cleanliness even under most severe operating conditions.
3.   Longer battery life.
4.   Lower fuel and engine oil consumption.
5.   Excellent resistance to wear.


1.   Highly supercharged diesel engines
2.   Commercial service in diesel engines
3.   Off highway equipments

Performance Standards

1.   API CD
2.  E-DL 2 of   IS: 13656-1993
3.   US Military MIL-L-45199B