Adreol Coolcut-15

Adreol Coolcut is a soluble type high quality cutting oil which yields rich milky emulsion with water. Special emulsifier is incorporated to ensure its complete dispersion in water. The emulsion formed is homogeneous and stable in nature, and does not split during usage or routine machine shut down periods, under normal conditions. Adreol Coolcut contains rust inhibitors, which impart anti-rust and anti-corrosive properties to the emulsion. Carefully selected biocide is incorporated to prevent bacterial growth in the emulsion.

Performance Benefits

1.  Has superior cooling and lubricating properties which contribute towards clean work, excellent surface finish and minimum tool wear
2.  When used as a grinding coolant, contribute towards long grinding wheel life, and minimised wheel loading
3.  Provides long lasting stable emulsions
4.  Protects work-piece, machine components and tool materials from rust and corrosion
5.  Enables obtain superior finish and accurate tolerances to the parts machined


Adreol Coolcut is recommended for variety of cuttingoperations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The oil is specially suitable for metal working operations where the cooling property is more desirable compared to the lubricating characteristics. This grade can also be used with advantage in cold rolling of steel and not rolling of aluminium. To obtain stable emulsion, oil should be added to water and not vice versa. A homogeneous dispersion of oil in water can be obtained by continuous stirring either manually or mechanically while preparing the emulsion. Coolcut is normally used in concentration of 5% for mot machining operations. For grinding operations more dilute emulsions are preferred.

Performance Standards

1.  IS : 1115-1986 (Reaffirmed 1996)